Sustainable Bitcoin Certificates


By financially rewarding miners that use clean energy with SBCs, Bitcoin becomes a transparent and credible catalyst for clean energy transition.

As a permanent on-chain asset, SBCs ensure an investor's bitcoin holdings are verifiably climate-positive and exceed their environmental goals without compromising fungibility.

Every single MWh accounted for

We use third-party verification and data transparency to support the clean energy transition.

Mitigate methane emissions

Each year, 145 billion cubic meters of stranded gas is released in ‘flaring’. This gas can now be utilized by bitcoin miners and converted into electricity using high-efficiency generators while slashing emissions of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e).

Drive fresh capital to
renewable energy

Using the Bitcoin network’s current energy consumption as our benchmark, we accelerate investment into the renewable energy sector on behalf of historically mined Bitcoin.

SBP Partners

Bitcoin will boost the clean
energy transition. But how?

By incentivizing miners to use renewable energy, Bitcoin’s energy-intensive processes are used to create a climate-positive asset that will finance renewable development on an unprecedented scale.

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Climate Science
Climate Science
Climate Science
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Climate Science
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Our mission

Verify sustainability,
protect our planet.

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