Our Protocol

Reward miners
Financially incentivize Bitcoin miners to use clean energy sources.

Assure investors
Allow institutional investors under ESG mandates to add "Proof of Sustainable Mining" to their bitcoin holdings, and help drive sustainability of the bitcoin network.
Collaborate with
climate science
Craft an approach that’s backed by science and governed by the world’s top environmental NGOs.

Our Process

Step 1

Miners who use clean energy sources to mine bitcoin apply to the Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol for certification.

Step 2

The Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol verifies that bitcoin was mined using green energy and issues a Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate for each BTC mined, built as a smart contract on the Stacks blockchain.

Step 3

The Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate allows miners and investors to make sustainability claims for BTC in their possession without disrupting fungibility.

Step 4

Carbon-conscious investors can purchase verified "Proof of Sustainable Mining" practices by acquiring SBCs, either directly from miners, via the SBS platform, or various exchanges.

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