A standard backed by science

The Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol is partnering with top international climate
scientists and NGOs to guide Bitcoin towards a more sustainable future.

Create a cleaner
future with Bitcoin

We’re creating the world’s first public-private governance that will help Bitcoin become one of the world’s most sustainable asset classes, as well as an important tool in the fight against climate change.

Our Structure

Organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
Leverages the blockchain for public participation in governance
Creates a multi-stakeholder ecosystem of miners, institutional investors, NGOs, and climate scientists

Discover how the protocol works

Step 1

Mine powered by clean energy applies to the Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) for certification
Step 2

SBS adds the miner to the Verified Green Miner registry and mints a Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC) for every bitcoin mined 
Step 3

Miners can sell SBCs to institutional investors under ESG mandates
Step 4

Institutional investors can make verifiable sustainability claims for their bitcoin by pairing with SBCs


What does SBP consider “Renewable” or “Clean Energy”? 

SBP will always consult our governance stakeholders, inclusive of some of the world’s top climate scientists and NGOs to answer this question. That said, the best science today dictates that hydro, solar, wind, and waste methane, are clean sources of energy for Bitcoin mining.

How do you measure energy consumption from partner mines?

Each miner will report their energy consumption and renewable energy usage in an audit conducted by a third party verification organization. These miners will then send the information to SBP, where the data will be recorded. 

How do you measure the impact that SBP has? 

SBP measures our impact through the percentage of clean energy used by BTC miners, by the development of new renewable energy facilities, by institutional adoption of sustainable BTC, and by an increase in verified clean energy hashrate. We also consider impact as the extent to which SBP helps educate the world about the facts and realities of bitcoin mining as it pertains to environmental stewardship. 

Discover your role in the future of sustainable bitcoin.

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