Responsible mining is rewarding

The Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol isn’t just better for the
planet and bitcoin—it’s also better for your bottom line.

Tap into green

Institutional investors are interested in adding bitcoin to their balance sheets, but sustainability concerns are holding back corporate adoption. Investors under Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mandates are willing to pay a premium to invest in bitcoin with an assurance of sustainable mining practices.

Discover how the protocol works

Step 1

Miners powered by clean or renewable energy apply to the Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) for certification
Step 2

Once approved, SBP adds the miner to the Verified Green Miner registry
Step 3

When a green miner wins a block reward, SBS assigns a Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC) for every bitcoin mined
Step 4

Miners can sell SBCs to institutional investors under ESG mandates at a premium 


How do you measure waste-neutral gas consumption from partner mines?

Each miner will report their energy consumption and renewable energy usage in an audit conducted by a third party verification organization. SBP has partnered with technology partners to obtain seamless data access and behind the meter insights through their safe, secure, and standardized data exchange platforms. The data obtained through our tech partners provides a proof of compliance for corporate targets associated with renewable energy and decarbonization strategies and programs. In addition, the integration with these tech platforms help us to optimize the energy verification process to make the process of obtaining SBC easier for miners.

What does SBP consider ‘clean’ or ‘renewable’ energy?

SBP has and continues to consult our governance stakeholders, including some of the world’s top Climate scientists and NGOs to answer this question. That said, the best science today dictates that hydro, solar, wind, and waste methane, are clean sources of energy for Bitcoin mining. The requirements for “clean” designation depend on the form of clean energy procurement–RECs, waste methane or renewable behind-the-meter generation. For specific requirements, see our whitepaper.

How does a Bitcoin Miner get financially rewarded for using verified clean energy?

Once issued, SBCs will exist as a separate fungible asset, containing the environmental properties of BTC mining. SBC price is derived from the cost of clean energy necessary to mine bitcoin. It fluctuates depending on demand for ‘proof-of-sustainable mining’, but is backed by a tangible store of value: MWH of energy.

Do you believe in bitcoin’s sustainable future?

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