Making Bitcoin Our Planet's Most
Powerful Climate Positive Asset

The Protocol

Bitcoin Miner icon
Reward miners
Financially incentivize Bitcoin miners to use clean energy sources
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Assure investors
Allow institutional investors to add verifiably sustainable bitcoin to their holdings
climate science
Craft an approach that’s backed by science and governed by the world’s top environmental NGOs

How It Works

Step 1

Bitcoin miners verify their use of clean energy through a reputable third-party

Step 2

Qualified miners receive 1 Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC) for every bitcoin mined with clean energy

Step 3

Miners can sell their SBC to buyers, including institutional investors, companies, and individuals who wish to support Bitcoin and the environment

Step 4

World-leading climate scientists, NGOs, and sustainability experts work with SBP to ensure the protocol is guided with the planet in mind

Partners & Investors

The Protocol

How Bitcoin's Energy Consumption Will Accelerate the Clean Energy Transition

We've created a bridge between bitcoin and sustainability. Learn how we leverage the network’s immense popularity and growing adoption to drive the green power transition in a transparent, inclusive, and credible way.

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