Bitcoin can be a Powerful Climate Technology

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol partners with a diverse group of the world’s leading
climate scientists, environmental NGOs, and industry leaders to guide bitcoin’s green
future without disrupting bitcoin’s principles and values.

Create a cleaner
future with Bitcoin

We can go beyond simply moving bitcoin to “carbon neutrality” by harnessing bitcoin’s unique properties to rapidly accelerate the clean energy transition and mobilize more capital into renewable energy development than ever before.

Our Structure

Organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)
Leverages the blockchain for public participation in governance
Creates a multi-stakeholder ecosystem of miners, institutional investors, NGOs, and climate scientists

Discover how the protocol works

Step 1

Mine powered by clean energy applies to the Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) for certification
Step 2

SBS adds the miner to the Verified Green Miner registry and mints a Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC) for every bitcoin mined 
Step 3

Miners can sell SBCs to institutional investors under ESG mandates
Step 4

Institutional investors can make verifiable sustainability claims for their bitcoin by pairing with SBCs

Climate Impact FAQs

How does SBP decarbonize the Bitcoin Mining Industry?

Incentivizing Bitcoin miners to use and deploy clean energy sources will significantly reduce CO2e emissions, and eventually through SBP, Bitcoin will be one of the most sustainable asset classes in existence. NGOs and other climate-driven stakeholders will be able to participate in the most impactful and expedient decarbonization of any industry in history. Bitcoin mining is here to stay, but now is the time to ensure it is developed sustainably.

Who verifies and can view SBP data?

SBP’s verification process compiles data from utility APIs to provide the most accurate, secure and up to date information for reporting and traceability. This data can be used to track macro trends in energy and hold organizations and companies accountable. Through our platform, information on SBC creation and price, clean energy attributes and project details will be publically available.

Why does Bitcoin mining spur energy justice?

Many communities in the US and around the world do not have access to clean and reliable energy, and are often subjected to inequitable grid infrastructure and legacy fossil fuel plants. While renewable and clean energy potential exists virtually everywhere, unreliable demand makes clean energy infrastructure uneconomic for historically underserved communities. Bitcoin mining can enable renewable energy buildout feasible for these disadvantaged groups. SBP is also mobilizing billions of dollars of capital toward clean energy development, and can surgically direct this financing to the communities where it will have the greatest impact.

Do you believe in bitcoin’s sustainable future?

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